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The 2013-14 season England Super League to start the fourteenth round for the. Manchester United at Old Trafford against Everton at home. Competition in the first half, Manchester United and Everton to maintain 0-0 tiedinto halftime. Twenty-ninth minutes, Rooney's shot is blocked variable line after hitting the post pop, besides David De Gea and Howard have made many great plugging fighting.

The game is the end of Moyers for the first time to face old club Everton after 11 years coaching career, the 187th and the two teams race against Manchester United, after 81 wins 42 flat 63 negative prevail, of which 91 Evertonteam is 51 wins and 22 flat 18 negative advantage is more obvious, in fact, since 1994 since January, Manchester United 20 war 16 wins and 4 draws unbeaten in the Premier League, 42 times against the Red Devils also only 5 negative.


The game, Phil - Jones accumulates 5 yellow cards to be punished for suspended, Carrick and Van Persie continue to absent, Moyers and Rooney, Fellaini play against his former club, Giggs becomes after Sheringham, Strachanand Phillips fourth age 40+ debut in the Premier League and non goalkeeper player; Everton, Bynes, Darren Gibson and Keneidouyin injury hanging war card, Lukaku as a single arrow. Before the game, Fawkes fans died on Monday Bill to applaud.

The opening half time, Everton - customer based proactive. Fourth minutes, Lukaku outside the 30 meters outside the left foot volley shot dapian. After 4 minutes, before Kagawa Shinji was caught and lost the ball, Evertoninstigated the fast counter attack, Lukaku restricted area on the left side of her body is the line of Vidic. Ninth minutes, Mirallas left rib 25 meters outside the right foot shot, David De Gea's hands the ball over the bar.Thirteenth minutes, Kagawa Shinji ball to the left, Evra left the seems like shooting out of a foot, the ball wide of the far post. After 2 minutes, the Rooney forbidden area left shot near angle was closed out Howard.

Twenty-first minutes, Evra left rib poking Chuan, Kagawa Shinji suspected offside ball kicker was Howard to block.Twenty-fourth minutes, Giggs meet Rafael before the ball right header slightly. Twenty-ninth minutes, the Rooneyforbidden area front low shot, the ball touch the distin heel slightly line hit the right upright pop-up. Thirty-eighth minutes, Barkley left foot shot from 30 meters to the right costal directly off. 2 minutes later, Lukaku David De Gea was shot dangchu right vigorously. Then, Oviedo rescue mistakes, Lunimen anterior dorsal body hook shot the ballwith Howard. Competition in the first half, Manchester United and Everton to maintain 0-0 tied into halftime.

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